He is the Rock, his works are perfect, and all His ways are just. A faithful God who does no wrong, upright and just is He. Deut. 32:4

WOW!  We have experienced the amazing faithfulness of God in countless awesome ways, and it is a great blessing to be able to share with you some of the ways God has been guiding our path. As we felt the Lord bringing our time of on-location work in Spain to a close at the end of 2012, He faithfully answered our prayers regarding the next steps in continuing the work that He started with us, by opening up an opportunity for Matt to serve as the Program Director of SPIRIT 1053 radio in Seattle, WA.  Although leaving Spain and many for life friends was very hard, we clearly sensed God leading us to the Pacific Northwest, continuing to use us in this next chapter of this crazy journey of following where He leads.  The location has changed, but the mission remains the same: to empower broadcasters all over the world to excellence in Christian radio, and equipping young people for worship ministry.

While serving in Spain, God made it clear to us that many people we encountered from many places around the world, such as a number of young worship leaders, passionate radio broadcasters, and other Christians called to mission service, could benefit from some longer term training and mentoring in the US. As we have prayed, we believe that God is leading us and equipping us to continue our mission work begun while we were in Spain, by hosting Christians from other parts of the world to receive the intensive training they desire. To begin, we are planning to host a young man who we were blessed with the opportunity to begin worship leadership training while in Spain, for 2 months of continued training this summer, (Phil 1: 6 being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.) as well as others who desire to make short term visits for training in Christian broadcast operations, etc..  This is only the beginning. In addition, every week Matt is able to continue the work with the radio ministries that we’ve been serving, in Spain (Onda Paz 93.2), Nigeria (Vision Africa Radio 104.1), Sweden (Premier Sweden), and the US, and God has more individuals and ministries waiting for training and assistance. The station manager with Premier Sweden is evaluating now when he will be able to visit in the coming months for additional, in-depth radio ministry leadership training.  The stations we are currently working with have the combined potential to share the love of Jesus with over 26 million people!

We would sincerely appreciate your prayers for us as we follow this next step in God’s mission… Pray that God would continue to open the doors for us to share with more people from more places worldwide the training and resources to do ministry- Also, pray that God would provide all the financial support needed, many of the individuals who desire and could benefit from training in the US find the high cost of traveling here a significant challenge. We are prepared to cover room and board, meals, and in-state travel expenses for these individuals during their time here. We are asking that our ministry partners, new and existing, would pray about how God may have you assist with plane tickets and transportation to the USA for these individuals. Please pray for of the individuals serving these radio ministries and the future worship leaders that God is raising up around the world.

Please contact us via email at for information on how you can provide assistance with travel expenses, or to join our prayer team.


Dear Ministry Partners,

We want to take a moment to update you on the status of our work in Barcelona, and to keep you informed about the plans that we believe God has us for in the weeks ahead.

After 11 months of work, mentoring, and training with the team at Onda Paz Radio in Barcelona, we are so pleased with the progress that has been made by the staff and volunteers. Just a few of the many things that have been accomplished include; the team has made significant improvements in the music and programming of Onda Paz, creating a station that is much more mass appeal and interesting for the Onda Paz listeners. In addition, Onda Paz has launched a prayer initiative that has generated tremendous response, building up the listening audience of the weekly praise and prayer program, and connecting the station with new listeners every week. The donor department has expanded to encompass regular communication with the listeners and supporters, and the base of listeners that support the station has grown significantly, and continues to do so. Onda Paz is very thankful for a giving increase of over 300% during the most recent Radioton! Most importantly, we praise God for Rut, Giselle, Sergio, and Montse- just to name a few of those who are now believers because they heard about the love of Christ on Onda Paz.

God has given our whole family some great opportunities to serve Him here as well… Juanita has given weekly English lessons to several people looking to improve their job prospects- one of which has now travelled to the United States to work temporarily in order to support his family, after being unemployed for quite a long time here in Spain. Another will be moving to Canada soon to do full time mission work. We also had the privilege of working with a group of young worship leaders from a local church, teaching the principles of Biblical worship, and musical excellence. Our kids have worked with a ministry in the local parks sharing the Gospel through playing soccer (futbol). Several times over the last year, God has blessed us with the chance to open our home and provide meals and a place to sleep to short term missionaries… we give Him praise for our many new, lifelong friends!

Being centrally located in Southern Europe has opened additional doors of opportunity to serve the Lord through some other radio ministries, allowing travel to Nigeria (Vision Africa Radio) and Sweden (Premier Sweden). These ministries are reaching their countries with the Gospel, and we look forward to continuing the work with each of them, via Skype and short term mission trips as they grow and develop to reach more people with the love of Jesus.

As we have prayed for God’s wisdom and leading concerning what He has in store for us next, as well as how to be the best stewards possible with our time and financial support, it is clear to us that the on-site, full time phase of this work is coming to completion. This will allow us to return to the United States in the weeks ahead, and continue to mentor and work with these stations through weekly Skype sessions and a possible occasional short length trip.

We are so thankful for the privilege that God has granted us to serve Him in Spain over the last year and we praise Him for the things that have been accomplished and the new friends we have made. In addition, we thank God every day for your faithful prayer and financial support of the ministry that God has called us to here. You are a key ingredient in this work!

 After much prayer and consideration, God has shown us that it is His timing that we return to the US. It was through faith that we followed His leading to become missionaries to Spain, and now it is through faith that we follow His leading back to the US, although we will always have a heart and love for the people of this country. There are many factors that play into God’s timing, one being the success of the training and ministry that we were called here to accomplish, another being the potential political issues that could lead to an more unstable environment in the days ahead. God has confirmed this in a few different ways; several of our monthly financial partners are no longer able to give and since August our giving has dropped by 50%, to an amount not capable of covering our living expenses. For this reason, please consider making a special, immediate gift of financial support to assist with the high costs associated with our air travel, shipping, and cost of living over next month. If you are currently a monthly supporter,  perhaps you would consider simply combining your remaining monthly support gifts into one gift, in order to help us with these expenses, or if you are unable to do that, perhaps you could continue your monthly support until November 30th? Or, if you give gifts from time to time, please prayerfully consider a special financial blessing now to assist us in with these important, but expensive costs. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for any gift you can give.

The Stockman Family

To give online via the secure World Link Ministries website, go to (be sure to select ‘Matt Stockman Family’ under DESIGNATION when giving online to ensure proper credit.)

You can also give by mail at:

World Link Ministries, P.O. Box 153026, Irving, TX 75015.

Please remember to write ‘Matt Stockman’ in the memo line of your check.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and faithfulness in giving as the Lord leads you.

Welcome to our first blog post since arriving in Barcelona. Since there is so much to tell you, here is an outline from the day we left North Carolina through today. Do you have your cup of coffee, and a comfortable seat?

November 17, 2011:  We said good-bye to family and friends, packed the church van and headed off to the Charlotte airport with Dave Snider as our driver and Dillon Salladin as co-captain. Stopped in Hickory for a quick early lunch at Chick-fil-a, where we were blessed with a complimentary lunch. (thanks, Annette!) We arrived at the airport with our 25 bags; including carry-on luggage and two guitars.  Our flights were long, but everything went good.

November 18, 2011: We landed in Barcelona in the morning; where we were greeted by Julio (pastor, director of OndaPaz radio), Nora and Esteban and Mari Carmen. We put all our luggage and family into 3 European sized cars and off we went. We went to our temporary apartment, checked out the radio station, met some great folks, looked at an apartment, learned to use the Metro, went to dinner and back to the place we were staying, all after not sleeping for 30 something hours. Wow…talk about hitting the ground running! We were able to move into our permanent apartment on Thanksgiving night…and had pizza for Thanksgiving dinner.

Thankful for pizza in our new apartment!

We were so Thankful for the way God had provided…and that we were in our own home, with real beds for the first time since May…we didn’t even care that there was no turkey on the table. Blessed beyond belief!

Matt got started right away with work at the station. In addition to making improvements to the radio station, one of Matt’s main objectives is to help the current staff at the station understand the reason behind the changes, and how these changes will help grow the station to better reach Barcelona with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to disciple believers. Over the Christmas holiday the music library was restructured , and a new automation system installed. Since then, the staff and volunteers have been working to launch a prayer team, as a way to consistently pray for our listeners and connect with them regularly… This is growing quickly! Plus, Matt is working with the staff and station director on numerous different projects, like  station production, donor relations, and planning of our upcoming fundraiser, Radiotón, at the end of May. The response of the listeners to Onda Paz has really increased over the last couple of months. On Tuesday mornings, our director Julio Perez and his wife Emi host a time of prayer requests and praise reports on the air called “Establiendo Del Reino” (Establishing The Kingdom), and over the last several weeks, the number of incoming prayer requests and praise reports has grown to well over 60 each program! Plus, a few weeks ago, a new listener to the radio station named Rut, called in and Julio was able to lead her to Christ, right there on the air! There was much rejoicing in the office as she said, “…Amen.” Please pray that Rut’s step of faith and willingness to share the beginning of her relationship with Christ will give others the boldness to do the same.

Jonatan at the Hope FM Studio, Sweden

Matt also had the opportunity to travel to Sweden in January to work with our friends, Roger Arnfjell and Jonatan Svanstrom at Hope FM, a new, growing Christian radio ministry that is reaching Sweden. He continues to assist them via Skype and email every week on ways to improve their programming, and grow their listening audience and support base.  We also hope to make visits this spring to El Vendrell, Girona, and southern Spain to assist radio ministries there however we can.

After the Christmas holiday, God really began to open new doors of opportunity to serve in ways that we didn’t first expect. The youth pastor of the Iglesia Betania asked us to help lead the student worship team-

Worship Team... Alex and Rodrii are behind the column!

giving us the privilege of teaching principles of Biblical worship to some young musicians, and now Channing is playing guitar and leading worship regularly with both the student worship team, and the team that leads worship for the church on Sunday mornings.

Mattie and Channing are serving with the sports ministy team from Betania. They head out each week to share Christ with the people in the parks by building relationships through playing soccer (a common bond). This has been a good experience for our family. We have met some awesome people…however, some hurting people. Please pray for hearts to be softened as this team continues to minister in this practical way.

In February, we were able to open our home to some other missionaries that needed a place to stay… Athletes in Action is a worldwide ministry that uses sports to share Christ with people. A team of 5 football players with Athletes in Action from Holland came to share the Gospel through football in Barcelona for a week, and for most of the week, all 5 were staying in our apartment!

Jessie and the guys from AIA

What a great experience this was- God certainly used this team in an important way, and to be able to play a small role in His plan for them by providing beds and some meals was a huge blessing for our family… and we now have some new lifelong friends! (We will be sharing a blog post in the near future that will feature more detail on how we met the Holland team and our good friend Jessie Starrenburg…)

One last thing to share with you ….Matt will have the opportunity in June to travel to Nigeria, Africa to work with a Christian Radio Station that has the potential to reach 20 million people.  More to come later….

Our whole family would like to say “Thank You!” from the bottom of our hearts. Your willingness to give of yourself in prayer and your finances is such tremendous blessing to us, and we Thank God for you everyday. We would also love to know how we can pray  specifically for you… drop us an email,

It has been great to finally sit down and have a cup of coffee with friends..both old and new. We apologize for taking so long to write, but we are very thankful that God has opened the floodgates and our time and talents are being used here…

Blessings to you from Barcelona,

Matt, Juanita, Channing, Mattie, Cole and Macie

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and blessing!